A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a LD #33 compo submission. The theme is You are the monster.

You control Smith, a government agent on his final mission. You need to kill the aliens that landed on earth.
If you have a bazooka, you can shoot a rocket at your feet to rocket jump. Don't actually jump. Just shoot down.
If you're on win8 or win10 and it doesn't work, try win7 compatibility mode.


WSAD - Movement

Space - Jump

LMB - Shoot

E - Pickup weapon

R - Reload weapon

O - Mute music

P - Mute sounds

xInput Controls:

Left stick - Movement

Right stick - Aim

Left trigger - Jump

Right trigger - Shoot

Left button - Reload weapon

Right button- Pickup weapon

Debug controls:

B - Debug info

N - Noclip

Install instructions

1. Download the version that fits your OS

2. Unzip the .zip file in any folder

3. Launch the .jar file


Multiplatform (x64) with xInput 2 MB
Multiplatform (x86) with xInput 2 MB