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'Doors? NO!' actively protests against the use of doors in architecture. Don't use doors. Use hyperbolic geometry to travel around your room, your house or the entire world! The included game showcases the use of hyperbolic geometry in architecture of a single room. There are also some friend cubes to accompany you. But you'll have to leave two of them behind with their friends, buttsons.


  • WASD: you know the drill
  • Mouse: Look around, look around, look around. All around, all around, all around.
  • LMB: grab them by the cube
  • RMB: let it go


We do not take responsibility for any spaghettification, death due to time travel, accidental teleportation into the endless void, eyes popping out due to a wall falling into them. This prototype is a Ludum Dare game, hence it is naturally filled with glitches (mostly visual). Ignore them and try to be smart about your surroundings.

And remember, think with hyperbolic quantum entaglement.

For a walkthrough, go here


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Doors? NO! fixed, ez binary (Windows only) 2 MB
Doors? NO! fixed (multiplatform, Löve2D) 22 kB

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