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Zeldiette's Quest is a tactical RPG. It's main mechanic is stopping time and planning your actions before restarting time. But why am I talking? It's a game, so download it and play it. But first maybe read this guide and the controls.


You can stop time by pressing space bar. Then you can make actions which will be executed after you restart time by pressing space bar again. Your goal is to find Master Shi Mun and with his help find the princess. Do spend some time exploring, as you will find useful stuff for the final encounter. All enemies presented in this prologue are passive. They will roam mindlessly, but if you attack one, it will attack you. Be quick when fighting them. You start with your fists and a fireball spell (Because why the f* not? Fireballs are awesome.) Attention: This game is not turn-based. All environmental actions will be executed whenever time is not paused. And I kinda forgot to make sounds and music, so you'll have to play AC/DC or Iron Maiden while playing it.

When you're in the inventory menu, you can move items by clicking on them and clicking on the spot you want to move it to.


WASD - movement

Space bar - pause/unpause time

1-4 - hotbar slots 1-4

Q - cancel last action

E - execute one tick while time is paused

I - open Inventory

Shift + Q - cancel all actions

LMB - primary attack (This will point to the direction of your cursor, but all melee weapons have a reach of 1 tile. And you can't attack diagonally.)

RMB - secondary attack (Fireball will be cast into the direction of your cursor. Can be cast diagonally and has infinite reach.)

MMB - go to the tile you're pointing at with your cursor (This will delete all your previous actions.)

Shift + MMB - go to the tile you're pointing at with your cursor (This will not delete all your previous actions; the path will be created at the end of your action queue.)


Editing the data files is possible and allowed, but discouraged, as some modifications may cause bugs. A later version of this game will include instructions on editing the data files and more user-friendly modding. All feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Contact me on Twitter (@pi_pi314) or per e-mail: pi.pi314159265358979323846@gmail.com (This is my actual e-mail address. You'll have to copy the whole thing)

Published Oct 28, 2015
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Parody, Tactical RPG, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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