A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My Ludum Dare 35 compo submission.

It's a minimalistic puzzle platformer. Your goal is to get to the blue thing. That's it. However, the levels shift as you move around. Use A and D to navigate and SPACE to jump. Press R to reset the level.

If you're having trouble with a level, press the right arrow to skip it.

This game requires OpenGL 3.3 support and the newest version of Java 8.

Guide to tiles (yes, they're tiles):

- Brown - Static Tiles, guaranteed to never shift

- Green/Cyan - Dynamic Tiles, can shift their position

- Red - Death Tiles. As the name suggests, they kill you.


- Red/White - The Player. It moves. It jumps. It can activate new level states.

- White - Box, affected by gravity, you can move it. It can also activate other entities. They collide with you, other boxes and all tiles.

- Iron Man-colored - Activator. Can activate level states otherwise unaccessible.

- Blue - Level End. Loads the next level.

- Pink - Teleporter. Teleports you or the Box.


- Dynamic Tiles will only collide with you when they're not moving. If they're moving only on the x-axis, they'll collide with you on the y-axis (i.e. when you're falling or jumping) and vice versa.

- The Red Tiles can kill you when they're moving. So if you don't now what killed, it's probably them. Try to repeat your steps slowly and watch as the red tiles move.

- The Box CAN load the next level and it WILL collide the same way the player collides.

- Dynamic Tiles interpolated position isn't based on time, but on your position. For example, in the first level if you're standing x = 5.5, they'll be halfway between their state-0 and state-1 positions. But the Activators will move the Dynamic Tiles over time (about a second).


Updated to work with itch.io app

Install instructions

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Java 8 installed

2. Download the game

3. Unpack

4. Launch the jar file

5. If you're having trouble, contact me.


Particle Shift - Multiplatform 5 MB

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